The author, hayato, was born and brought up in Hiroshima, Japan.

Hiroshima may be associated with Itsukushima Shrine, one of World Heritage Sites, Hiroshima Carp, one of Japanese professional baseball teams, Sanfrecces, one of Japanese professional soccer teams, and Hiroshima-fu Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style vegetable pancake). However, people living in Hiroshima never forget the abhorrent world's first fact that atomic bomb dropped on this city in 1945.

But, in Hiroshima, we can see Nishi-Chugoku Mountains on the north side, Setonaikai Sea (Setouchi) on the south side. The climate in Hiroshima is warm. If you go to the north direction, you may enjoy a stream of clear water of Ohta River, a forest bathing in mountains. In the south Setonaikai Sea, you can see many beautiful islands, ships sailing between such islands, Kaki-Ikada (oyster raft) floating, and calm waves glowing with the setting sun.

In such place, I was brought up with feeling the smell of "breeze" of Setouchi, Hiroshima from my childhood. In the spring, spring breeze smells, in the summer, summer breeze, in the autumn, autumn breeze, and in the winter, winter breeze smells. And again warm spring has come, welcome spring breeze smells again.

My sounds of music are created valuing the smell of "breeze" of my hometown, Hiroshima, suggesting the hope for the world's peace. Thinking whether the direction that present Japan may move toward is really right or not, I create new peace today.

Sincerely, hayato