• hayato (in Japanese, 隼人(はやと)。)
  • Born in Hiroshima, Japan, 1966.
  • Since eight old, he studied reed organ. He was taught piano performance and vocal by Mr. Shigeru Kobayashi. Completed his doctoral course in Department of Education of Hiroshima University, majored in music education (Ph., D.). In Hiroshima Unicersity, he was taught piano performance as a minor subject by Prof. Kimiko Sato, percussion also as a minor subject by Prof. Sumiko Sato, and harmony and composition as a minor subject and private lesson by Prof. Keishi Miyoshi, and Music education as a major subject by Prof. Katsunobu Yoshitomi. Also he mastered synthesizer and computer by himself.
  • Since 2013-14, he has been publishing his works with computer and synthesizer on the internet and contributing these to music magazine.
  • Synthesizer performer, composer, music education researcher.
  • Living in Hiroshima, Japan.